Friday, July 8, 2011


Welcome to the New Everwilde Sim!
Second Life's newest place to shop, relax, play games, meet new friends and so much more!!!  

 I wanted to share a few pictures I took of this beautiful new Sim, created by Bowie Zeplin and Valen Leinhardt; Two extremely sweet, passionate and talented residents here in Second Life.  They have not only created a gorgeous shopping area (above), but also such a quaint place for regulars to hang out and play games and relax and meet new people.  The inspiration for Everwilde is the eclectic style of the shops and people of their hometown of Austin, TX...keeping with the motto of "Keep Austin Weird".  What a cute idea, and not only have I think they nailed it, they have made it their own in the process.  Today (July 8th 2011) is opening day, lots of festivities going on throughout the should stop by and see everyone!  
The games and shopping district here at Everwilde.  Some of the shops here include - Kosh, Croire, Pod People, Rue, Geek Sheek, Inky Winky Woo, Lonesome Dolls, Elysium, and Argyle Anonymous. 

Lyrical Popstar owns and operates the game room here on the Sim and she has made sure we always have plenty of things things to keep occupied with everyday!   Here are some examples...

Rezzed full-time for your use:
1.  Greedy Greedy - an addictive dice game.
2. On-A-Roll - Brings together dice and gameboard play for some strategic fun!
3. Clued Up - plays like the RL game Clue!  but with Lindens as suspects, blunt prims as weapons and a skybox as a possible murder site.
4. Pictionary - Plays just like RL Pictionary… and just as addictive!
5. Truthball - a conversation game! (no instructions needed...just click and play)
6. Checkers - same as RL Checkers
7. Truth or Dare - oh yeah, it’s exactly like it sounds.  Crazy fun!  (no instructions and play)
8. Pentadee - plays exactly like Yahtzee!  (This one is outside in the grass to the side of the cafe.)
Can be rezzed upon request:
1. Candyland - Your avi is your player piece, so this thing’s huge… that’s why it doesn’t stay out.
(pretty much just click the lollipop and play)
2.  SLopoly - plays like Monopoly
3. SLeeBaller - plays like Skee Ball (Click to get a ball, mouselook to play)
4.  U-Know - plays like Uno

And plenty of impromptu games happening all the time!

I hold the NSFW Lounge located here in the heart of Everwilde very close to my heart since I had the honor of being asked to help decorate!  I have always loved decorating and designing here in Second Life, since the moment I arrived two years ago, and what a dream it was to work with Bowie and Valen to help them make this lounge a fun, comfortable environment for people to kick back and relax!  Thank you so much, you two,  for giving me the opportunity to do what I love best here in this wacky virtual land! :D
 Another project here on Everwilde is the Greenhouse Gallery.  This is a place for residents to show off their talents including paintings, drawings, photos, sculptures, or most media of art that’s transferable in Second Life.  There aren’t really any rules for submitting your art to the exhibit, no charge to submit, and no restrictions on sales of your art.  Once the art becomes more steady in submissions, the gallery will start a rotation monthly and pieces will be replaced and possibly featured again at another time. (Straight from Bowie's Blog, to make sure all the rules and information is clear)  Please Send Bowie Zeplin a notecard for more information about submitting artwork for the Gallery.  
 Gorgeous surroundings to relax!  
Here you can take a picturesque walk on the trails of Everwilde and discover several beautiful scenes to relax and enjoy nature.  There are several areas to find in the park that also offer recreational activities such as fishing, camping, and swimming in the small pond.  The park is created to make everyone feel welcome, including Second Life families and fantasy characters.  Speaking of fantasy characters, there will be a biweekly fantasy party on Thursday nights at 7 in Second Life! (Directly from Bowie's Blog)
 This place reminds me of a fairy tale really is so beautiful!  Make sure you check it out!! 
Watch out for all the rascally critters!  
And finally, here is a look at some of the residential homes scattered around the lush landscape of Everwilde.  All homes are rented at the moment, but please contact Valen Leinhardt in-world for more information on possibly renting in the future.  


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