Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hula Hoop

I decided to try something a little bit different this time to show off the adorable new hula hoop HUD I got from Decoy.  I hope you like this short little video I made to showcase it. 

Skin ~ Glam Affair ~ Luria/Europa
Eyebrows ~ Mynerva ~ Eyebrow style 2/Brown dark
Hair ~ Truth Hair ~ Charlize/Browns Fade4
Top ~ -tres blah- Cropped Top/Orange 
Shorts ~ coldLogic ~ Ramsey/Contrast
Hula Hoop ~ [Decoy] ~ Hoopin/PolyPro Teal
Earrings ~ (Yummy) ~ Flamingo 
Bracelet ~ miel ~ Friendo (Modified by me to be smaller)
Anklet ~ Maitreya ~ Strings and Beads 
Hands ~ SLink ~ Casual Mesh Hands (With Glam Affair skin applier)
Feet ~ SLink ~ Flat Mesh Feet (With Glam Affair skin applier)
Ears ~ [MANDALA] ~ Simple Ears
Nails ~ [eskimo fashion] Designer's Personal Stash/Pack3

Location ~ My apartment :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In the Breeze

Skin/Lips ~ [Pink Fuel] ~ Alyx/Ivory & LipTint/Pink
Hair/Hat ~ [LeLutka] GOGO/Light Brunette
Bikini ~ Baiastice ~ Maua/Yellow and Pink
Sunglasses ~ Redgrave ~ Holly
Necklace ~ Noodles ~ Moon of my Life 
Beach Bag ~ TokiD ~ Beach Bag/Vivid
Anklet ~ Maitreya ~ Strings and Beads 
Tattoo ~ The Sea Hole ~ 2011 Tattoo Series/Sountrack of my Life
Hands ~ SLink ~ Casual Mesh Hands (With Pink Fuel skin applier)
Feet ~ SLink ~ Flat Mesh Feet (With Pink Fuel skin applier)
Nails ~ Izzie's ~ Slink Classic Nails (Pastels)

Location ~ Seaweed 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Birds of a Feather

Skin/Lips ~ [Pink Fuel] ~ Alyx/Ivory & LipTint/Orange
Hair ~ tram ~ c409/Amber
Dress ~ Tee*fy ~ Odette Dress/Springfield 
Shoes ~ Maubray ~ Marijen Wedge/Lemon
Tights ~ {mon tissu} ~ Favorite Wool Tights/Heathered Mint
Necklace ~ KOSH ~ Swallow Necklace

Hands ~ SLink ~ Casual Mesh Hands (With Pink Fuel skin applier)
Nails ~ Izzie's ~ Slink Classic Nails (Pastels)
Ears ~ [MANDALA] ~ Simple ears

Poses ~ ADORKable Poses ~ 25 Days of Poses 2012

Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's Your Digits? Meme

So here is my version of the Monday Meme by Strawberry Singh.  She asked us to answer a few questions in relation to measurements in second life and even included a rough guide to proportions for average humans (pictured below). 

Proportions Challenge Questions:
  1. Do you try and keep your avatar’s body proportionate and similar to the “average” proportions pictured above? Yes, I try to.
  2. What do you dislike the most about the SL avatar? Ugly hands and feet (but thank you SLink for making awesome mesh ones!) and the lips on the SL avatar are not very realistic looking especially when looking at the avatar's profile.
  3. Does it bother you when you see other avatars that are not proportionate at all? It kinda does.  I try to remember "to each their own", but when it is something like really obvious T-rex arms with a super unrealistic tiny waist or something like that, it tends to irritate me a little.
  4. Even though this is a virtual world and people can be anything they want to be, do you feel when they are in human form, they should try to keep their proportions close to average? It is honestly up to the person.  I try hard not to judge someone's version of beauty.  Whatever floats their boat, right?
Tishi Kozlov's Measurements:
Height – 41 (6’3″ using the Avatar Ruler)
Body Fat: 6
Head size: 50
Torso Muscle: 35
Breast Size: 40
Arm length: 92
Hand size: 31
Torso length: 45
Love Handles: 36
Belly Size: 0
Leg Muscle: 50
Leg length: 60
Hip width: 65
Butt Size: 41
Saddle Bags: 30

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Weird Questions Meme

Random pic of Tishi in her apartment

So I know I am behind on this (like usual) but I thought it would be fun to answer the questions for Strawberry Singh's Weird Questions Meme.  So here goes...

  1. Which was the last sim you visited? (Other than your home) Collabor88
  2. Does your avatar look like the real you?  I typically have the same skin tone and hair color as myself, but otherwise I look nothing like Tishi. 
  3. Do you wear underwear/panties underneath your clothing when out and about on the grid? Very rarely.
  4. If you won a million linden dollars, what would be the first thing you buy inworld? I would buy two sims.  One for Estella Magic and I, so that we could create a fun little community place where everyone is welcome to come hang out.  The other would be a beautiful commercial sim where I would invite some of my favorite stores to set up shop. 
  5. Have you ever bought something in SL and then realized afterwards that you had already owned it from before?  I have done this more times than I like to admit.  I don’t have a very long attention span it seems.
  6. Have you ever done anything in Second Life that would be considered illegal in real life? Not that I am aware of.  I have never even had slex.  LOL I have a very boring avatar indeed.
  7. If you could go out on a date with any other avatar, who would it be?  I don’t date in SL, but if I did I would probably ask Art Frakture out on a date.  I think he is a cutie and a lot of fun to hang out with.
  8. Who, in your opinion, was the greatest avatar to ever slive? Estella Magic (my bestie)
  9. What is the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done inworld?  I created an adorable little boy avatar and I used to go around sniffing (or I should say, pretending to sniff) the behinds of a few amazon-looking avatars at an infohub.  They were not too thrilled with it, but I thought it was hysterical!!
  10.  If your avatar had a mind of its own, what do you think it would say to you?  “Damn, Lainie (aka the lady behind Tishi’s avatar)…you really should get a life!”