Monday, May 30, 2011


 I just LOVE big floppy hats! <3
Skin ~ (Dernier Cri) ~ Charolette/Cream/Valley Dust 
Hair/Hat ~ [kik]hair ~ Madelyn IV/Blondes (Hat Modded different texture) 
Tank Top ~ {mon tissu} ~ Lollia Tank/White  
Skirt ~ (Milk Motion) ~ My tutu/Tangerine 
Leggings ~ *G Field* ~ Rose Lace Leggings 
Shoes ~ Ingenue ~ Bridget Flats/Pool 
Bracelet ~ ::TFG:: ~ Exclusive item (older one) 
Ring ~[glow]studio ~ Rose with Dew Ring (modded made larger) 
Bag ~ ::{u.f.o.}:: ~ sagak bag/vintage wallpaper 

*2nd picture taken at the new Cupcake Sim 
Poses by 

It felt like a floppy hat sorta day.  Ah, the feel of the sun shining on my face while I browse the shops, ultimately draining my account of lindens while adding more stuff to sort through later in my inventory!  Real life is also rather sunny lately, putting me in an even better mood than usual.  I grabbed a couple goodies at the new Cupcake sim now open (while under construction), which I know a hundred other bloggers have probably already posted about...but the reason is, this place is well designed and absolutely beautiful.  My wish for everyone today...wherever you are; that you feel the sun kiss your skin today (with sunscreen of course!)...and Happy Memorial Day to everyone!  

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Artsy Fartsy

Skin/Eyes ~ (Dernier Cri) ~ Charlotte-Cream:Valley Dust 
Hair ~ [LeLutka] ~ Whitney/Soy Sauce 
Pink Sweater ~ Ballet.Sweater/Hot Pink 
Yellow Vneck ~ Deadly Poetic ~ Striped/Yellow
Tank ~ Apple May Designs ~ Kami 
Shorts ~ Nyte'N'Day ~ Phoe Shorts 
Leggings ~ This is a Fawn ~ Knit Leggings/Tan floral (FLF today) 
Shoes ~ Treads ~ 77 Loafers/Epice 
Necklace & Bracelet ~ miel ~ Friendo 
(awesome hud that lets you spell out your own words also FLF today) 
Bag ~ rbcg ~ recycled sketch artist tote 
The necklace reads: MANGINAS R HOT
Yes, too much coffee for me tonight!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Caught in the Rain

Skin ~ MyNerva ~ Sophie/Think Pink (Past Hunt Item) 
Hair ~ [Elikatira] ~ Details/Carrot Red #5 
Top ~ PIDIDDLE ~ De L'hiver Sweater (VIP Group Gift) 
Skirt ~ Narwhal ~ Light Denim Mini 
Tights ~ [ bubble ] ~ Rainy Day Tights (OMS hunt item) 
Boots ~ ::DUH!:: ~ May Flowers RainBoots (OMS hunt item) 
Umbrella/Pose ~ .:StoRin:. ~ Umbrella/P15 

*Location ~ Virtual Props & Poses Sim


Skin ~ Apple May Designs ~ Gaia/Pale 
Lipstick ~ PIDIDDLE ~ Party Pink Lipstick (old group gift) 
Hair ~ .:vive nine:. ~ Wang/HoneyRipple (Group gift) 
Top ~ Berries Inc. ~ hunt top (from Where is...Hunt) 
Skirt ~ Ty Zvezda ~ High Mini Skirt (past FLF) 
Shoes ~ [Pixel Mode] Fae Wedge (from the Shoe Fair
Jewelry Set ~ MIEL ~ AHI set 
Teeth ~ SLink ~ Real Teeth 

Monday, May 23, 2011

D-Bag (As in Duffel hehe)

Skin ~ Orage Creations ~ Georgina/lips to kiss 
Hair ~ ~ Deena/Jealous Red 
Shirt ~ /artilleri/ ~ ah, bella 
Jacket ~ {mon tissu} ~ Porter Jean Jacket/Used 
Tights ~ Peqe ~ Pop Art  tights
Belt ~ {mon tissu} ~ Seneca Threaded Belt/Black 
Shoes ~ [BUKKA] ~ Western boots/colorchange 
Jewelry ~ (Caroline's Jewelry) ~ Donata Set in Blue 
Duffel Bag ~ (Milk Motion) ~ My Duffle Bag/Blue

*Poses from Exposeur


Skin ~ -Glam Affair- ~ Monica Tan 
Hair ~ [LeLutka]  ARADIA/Sookie (blondes) 
Dress ~ Peqe ~ Bold/Zebra 
Shoes ~ SLink ~ Tiger Heels/Black 
Necklace ~ MStyle ~ Deer Necklace/Gold 
Hair Band ~ (Milk Motion) ~ My Huge Bow Headband/Black 
*Poses by Exposeur

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dude is a Lady

About Switch your gender for 0 Linden

Post the pictures of the avatars your created here. 
The rules are:
Create an avatar of the gender you normaly do not use in Second Life
The avatar has to be 0 Linden dollar.
The items could come from Lucky boards, Midnight Manias, current hunts, general free items.
Add the used items either in the description of the picture of link to your blogentry if you blog the avatar.

Have fun

I decided to try out this challenge, I honestly had believed it would be rather easy.  I was SO DAMN WRONG!  Its easy to find certain things for free, but it sure isn't easy to find everything...for a guy....for free! Poor SL men, I honestly feel for you now after spending my whole evening trying to get an outfit put together for this challenge.  I had to rely mostly on the marketplace, everywhere else I went things always cost one linden!  *screams*


Shape: Made myself 0L
Skin: *Sacred* Andrew T3 Beard 0L on Season's Hunt 
Hat: Urban Feral (Marketplace) 0L 
Cigarette: v1.1 cigarette by elro (Marketplace) 0L 
Eyes: *.amato.* eyes vivid blue 0L 
Pants: >UrbanRepublicCo.< Black Jeans 0L  (Marketplace)
Shirt: Arai Long T Pocket Purple 0L (Marketplace)
Scarf: ::[MR.Poet]:: Wide Scarf (Freebie in back room) OL 
Shoes: Glossy Design Dark Grey 0L (Marketplace) 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bloom Madness

I was a skeptic at first about these dolls, I will admit.  However, I have totally fallen in love with my Bloom doll avatar!  I have no idea why they are so much more fun to dress up, but they are!  I am sure you have seen these avatars everywhere since they were introduced to the Second Life Grid, and if you haven't just give it a day or two and I am sure you will!  Hope you enjoy the look I threw together!
Bloom Doll Avatar ~ Surf Co. Outlet ~ Boo Bloom 
Hair ~ >TRUTH< ~ Peta/Treacle 
Top/Belt ~ *VioMagic* ~ The Delicacy Outfit 
Jeans ~ [Decoy] ~ Layla 84 Jeans/Dark Wash 
Boots ~ {mon tissu} ~ Provence Riding Boots/Chestnut 
Cowboy Hat ~ Reek ~ Ween Cowboy Hat 
Necklace ~ *VioMagic* ~ Necklace from the Seabreeze Outfit 
Bangles ~ *Fishy Strawberry* ~ Brown Wooden Bangles 
Nails ~ *Rezlpsa Loc* ~ Teal Nails 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Surf's Up!

Decided to take a little beach getaway with my RL/SL hubby J.J.  
It's too bad we couldn't hit the beach like this together in real life!  

J.J.'s credits
Skin ~ -Belleza- ~ Shawn SK (group gift) 
Hair ~ Dura-Boy ~ 15/Black 
Board Shorts ~ Summerland ~ Vintage Board Shorts/Noiry 
Shoes ~ :SEY ~ Flip-Flops for men (color change) 
Necklace ~ *FIR & MNA* ~ The Tree Necklace 
Sunglasses ~ *FIR & MNA* ~ The Barclay Glasses/Charcoal 
Tattoo ~ ::Para Designs:: Punked
Surf Board/Pose ~ *{what's next}* ~ Surf's Up Pose set for Boys 

Tishi's credits
Skin ~ -Glam Affair- ~ Monica Tan Skin 
Hair ~ [elikatira] ~ Past/Brown 10 
Bikini ~ /artilleri/ ~ LeeLee bikini 
Shoes ~ ~Classy~Fied ~ Barefootin' Flip Flop (modded black) 
Bangles ~ ::The Fashion Garret:: ~ Exclusive item Bangles Gold 
Sunglasses ~ Alphavillain ~ The Ipcress Sunglasses 

*Picture taken at  Las Rocas  (BEAUTIFUL beach sim!)