Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dude is a Lady

About Switch your gender for 0 Linden

Post the pictures of the avatars your created here. 
The rules are:
Create an avatar of the gender you normaly do not use in Second Life
The avatar has to be 0 Linden dollar.
The items could come from Lucky boards, Midnight Manias, current hunts, general free items.
Add the used items either in the description of the picture of link to your blogentry if you blog the avatar.

Have fun

I decided to try out this challenge, I honestly had believed it would be rather easy.  I was SO DAMN WRONG!  Its easy to find certain things for free, but it sure isn't easy to find everything...for a guy....for free! Poor SL men, I honestly feel for you now after spending my whole evening trying to get an outfit put together for this challenge.  I had to rely mostly on the marketplace, everywhere else I went things always cost one linden!  *screams*


Shape: Made myself 0L
Skin: *Sacred* Andrew T3 Beard 0L on Season's Hunt 
Hat: Urban Feral (Marketplace) 0L 
Cigarette: v1.1 cigarette by elro (Marketplace) 0L 
Eyes: *.amato.* eyes vivid blue 0L 
Pants: >UrbanRepublicCo.< Black Jeans 0L  (Marketplace)
Shirt: Arai Long T Pocket Purple 0L (Marketplace)
Scarf: ::[MR.Poet]:: Wide Scarf (Freebie in back room) OL 
Shoes: Glossy Design Dark Grey 0L (Marketplace) 


  1. This is a great male avatar. Congratulations to the shape. Its cool that you used items from the marketplace so newbies could get those easily for their avatars. And adding the details like the scarf and the cigarette was a cool idea.

  2. I really appreciate that! :) Trust me, I wish I would have found way more stuff for free, I would have done multiple pics...but there is not enough freebies out there for guys! Hope that changes soon enough! Thanks again for the comment!