Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Welcome to Pretty and Pixilated!

Hello folks!  My name is Tishi Kozlov and I have been a long time reader of different second life fashion blogs.  I decided today was the day to attempt this whole blogging thing for myself!  I really hope you can join me throughout this exploration of some of the things I find pretty here in Second Life.  I am by no means anything special, but I am a total Fashionista Wanna-Be thanks to my dear friend Estella Magic.  Her style has inspired me to dig deep into my wallet and go far beyond the dreaded freebie/noob look I held onto for so long!  I am here to share some of my experiences along with all the fun, pretty and sometimes even quirky fashion pieces I can manage to make into outfits.  Enjoy!

<3  Tishi